Cyclogeography, Jon Day's bestselling book now out in paperback, is Nichola Lezard's choice selection in The Guardian this week: "A well-read bike courier gives us his view of the city".

Nicholas Lezard's review draws us in with his introduction: "This book tackes two self-declared needs, one relatively under-addressed, and the other well catered for: the first is the lack of books about cycling in the city, as opposed to walking in it; the second is the keenness of the intellectual to fetishise manual labour. Or, to speak more accurately here, pedal labour."

Concluding with "This is a book that is bravely aware of the limitations of its subject matter’s appeal, which is one of the reasons why it is so appealing." and a final comment from Iain Sinclair, whom Jon Day interviews within Cyclogeography, and from whom he took inspiration for the very title of this fascinating book: "Sinclair asks how old couriers can be before retiring. About forty. “That’s the nice thing about walking,” says Sinclair. “You can go on a bit longer.”